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Individualized Care and Comfort at Thurm Dental in Collingswood

Learn More about Our Office Before Your Next Visit

In our dental practice, you are more than a patient; you are a person. At Thurm Dental, we sincerely care about you and your well-being, so we provide you with all of the necessary information and advice required to help you maintain a preventive program for healthier teeth. By recognizing that regular dental care saves you time and money in the long run, you can be on your way to a lifetime of superior dental health.

We have found over the past 25 years that each patient has individual needs and concerns. The fears that draw patients to our practice are real and have many causes. As a result we make every effort to address these fears on an individual basis.

At your first visit, we will discuss your concerns, understand your needs, and create a treatment plan to meet your goals. Since there are numerous options available we will devote as much time as needed to discuss all of your treatment options, costs and payment plans. At your next visit we will complete most, if not all, of your dental care while you are asleep or sedated. Sedation dentistry means different things to different dentists. Some dentists are competent and trained to administer oral sedation via a pill. Others utilize nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas. A few use intravenous (IV) sedation to deliver a combination of drugs. Only a handful of dentists nationwide routinely perform full-mouth rehabilitation using general anesthesia.

The Thurm Dental Group routinely offers all of the sedation options mentioned above, depending on the needs of the patient. At Thurm Dental we customize the type of anesthesia we use to achieve a perfect fit for every patient. In this way, the dentist and the patient are comfortable providing and receiving the best possible dental care in a safe and stress-free environment.

Your Comfort is Our Priority at Thurm Dental

From our business staff to each doctor, every team member at Thurm Dental is dedicated to making your comfort their priority. We’ll address any apprehension you may be experiencing concerning your dental treatment, as well as take every measure possible to ensure a comfortable pain-free experience.

Complete dental care in a relaxed state is what we strive for. Whether you decide to take advantage of our sleep dentistry techniques and general anesthesia, nitrous oxide, painless injections, or gentle dentistry by caring professionals, we are confident we can make your dental visits comfortable.

We have redesigned our offices to promote both cleanliness and comfort. Closed circuit television allows you to choose from numerous cable stations. For patients who wish to listen to music, each treatment room has its own CD player and we offer a library of music selections for you to enjoy during your visits. Patients are also invited to bring their own favorite CD selections to their visits.

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