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Don’t Avoid Visiting The Dentist Anymore

We Offer A Variety Of Treatment Options For Your Dental Anxiety

Do you cringe at the thought of sitting in the dental chair? Are you afraid of the sound of the dental drill, the smell of the office, or the sight of the needle? You probably can be classified as a dental phobic. The fear of dentistry is quite common in this country. According to the American Dental Association, millions of Americans are affected by this phobia.

Dr. Arthur Thurm, a general dentist with offices in Collingswood, NJ, treats the phobic with care and compassion. With his advanced training in medical anesthesiology, Dr. Thurm accepts phobic patients from other dentists who find that they cannot successfully treat this group of patients in the typical dental setting. Why not sleep through all your cosmetic and corrective dentistry procedures? This way you can preserve your teeth for a lifetime while steering clear of the fear and anxiety dental care can cause.

After completing his training in Anesthesiology in 1980 at the Hospital of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, Dr. Thurm became one of a small group of general dentists throughout the country certified in this field. He is a Fellow of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, and a Diplomate of the National Dental Board of Anesthesiology, both certifying his unique training in the field of dental anesthesiology.

Working with a highly specialized staff including a certified registered nurse anesthetist, Dr. Thurm has his own mini operating room with the same monitors used in hospitals to keep patients safe. While he is completing the dental work on the patient, the anesthetist is administering the necessary anesthetics, and keeping a close watch on the patient’s vital signs, including EKG, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. Dr. Thurm reports that “most patients who have neglected their dental health out of fear require quite a bit of corrective work. The average appointment length for these procedures is two hours. But with the new drugs available for sedation, patients have no recall of their entire visit.”

The fear of dentistry should be a thing of the past. Preserving your teeth and enjoying them for a lifetime is readily available for anyone who wants to take that step.

Sedation and Sleep Dentistry Treatment

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 20 million Americans avoid dentistry out of fear. These fears have usually developed from unpleasant experiences that have previously occurred in the dental office. These fears will often last a lifetime and result in poor dental health as most of these anxious patients simply avoid dental visits.

We Take Your Dental Phobia Seriously

At Thurm Dental we recognize that the fear of dentistry is real, and not to be taken lightly. Patients who have this fear are treated with compassion and respect. Over 25 years of experience has proven that we can succeed with the patient’s cooperation and desire to improve their dental health.

Our Unique Training in Sleep and Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Arthur Thurm belongs to a small group of general dentists who have completed additional training in dental anesthesiology. With the help of his caring and capable staff, Dr. Thurm can provide a variety of sedation techniques including:

◾IV Sedation
◾Laughing Gas
◾Oral Conscious Sedation 


Hear From Previous Fearful Patients Below About Their Experience at Thurm Dental

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