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We’re Conveniently Located To Service Multiple Locations

Dr. Arthur Thurm is a Special Needs Dentist who sees many patients from surrounding areas. His office is conveniently located in Collingswood, near Philadelphia, Burlington, and Gloucester Counties. He offers specific solutions for special needs patients to make dental appointments run smoothly and give effective treatments.   

A Note from Dr. Thurm: Why I Offer Special Needs Dentistry

I firmly believe that providing patients with access to quality dental care is the responsibility of any dental professional. Oftentimes, though, parents of individuals with special needs, or the patients themselves, find it difficult to have their dental concerns addressed appropriately. At Thurm Dental Group, we focus on providing compassionate, gentle, and equitable care for all of our patients.

Coming to the realization that I could help

Even from a young age I always knew I wanted to work within the medical field in some capacity. Helping others was a natural draw for me and I enjoyed problem-solving and science - both important areas of knowledge to focus on when preparing for a career in the medical field. As I became more focused on determining my career options, dentistry stood out as a way to position myself in the medical field helping others, while also having virtually unlimited opportunities to tap into my creative side and balance my work and home life.

Throughout my many years of dental education and training, I noticed a significant gap in the treatment of patients with special needs. It seemed that many dentists lacked the confidence, equipment, or the temperament to help patients who were unable to physically transition into a dental chair, or those who had trouble following instructions. Many patients with cognitive or physical impairments wound up receiving only bare bones dental care, or were referred to a hospital to receive treatment that could be completed in a dental office. For this reason, and many others, I created a dental practice that focuses on meeting the unique needs of patients with disabilities. It felt like what I was supposed to do, and not simply a job. 

Treating special needs patients with physical disabilities

Our office is wheelchair-friendly and we can easily and comfortably transition patients from wheelchairs to our dental chairs. Additionally, we understand the unique limitations associated with various health conditions and I know when I need to step in to lend a helping hand. I also truly love establishing a friendly dialogue with my patients, and focus on creating ways to effectively communicate when I need them to adjust their body position, move their mouth, and more.

Treating patients with special needs

At Thurm Dental Group, we have significant experience working with clients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. I stress patience and make every effort to create a comfortable environment for my valued guests, while listening to any concerns they may have.

We offer IV sedation

If you or a loved one may benefit from general anesthesia during an upcoming dental procedure, we can accommodate this. Many individuals find that general sedation dentistry is the most comfortable way to manage the full spectrum of dental needs.

Our office is equipped with leading-edge dental technology and we are eager to elevate your expectations of your upcoming dental experience. For more information on dentistry for those with special needs, or if you have questions about our range of treatment options, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.